Sunday, June 7, 2009

Status and update

Out of curiosity I tried to figure out where the books are at present.
This is based on the messages in this blog, which was not easy to figure out. So if I got something wrong, please notify me.
The book travel along the horizontal line from one to the other.
I was glad to see that everyone is still involved.


Scoach said...

The information you have for me is correct. Sudjino's book goes in the mail on 6/9.

Ellen said...

yup! i've got rene's book. i struggled with a design but have it partially figured out now. i hope to have it finished this week.

emon xie said...

I don't have anything in hand for this group at the moment, so looks right for me, if I'm reading this correctly I mean.

Scoach said...

Rene, are you going to try to keep this chart up to date as we go through the exchange? I currently do not have a book, and neither does Emon X. Just curious.

Rene Fijten said...

Me neither. I will update it this week. Was the schedule clear? Any comments?

emon xie said...

I like the schedule, and look forward to the next book, as I'm just finishing up the one I have for the portrait group.