Friday, October 15, 2010

Thalia's book

Thalia's book is finished and is bound for Peru tomorrow morning! 
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Dream Moly: moly_x_58, Thalia's book, albina's entry (with transition from previous entry)


Scoach said...

What a beautiful picture to finish out this book. Emon says my book is also finished and coming back to me soon. All that I will have to do is receive your book and make something lovely for the secret garden.

Love your work.

emon xie said...

Yuppers, just need to scan Scott's book and pop it into the mail when I get back to Canada.

This piece is beautiful! I wish I had your delicacy, my stuff is so heavy handed by contrast. Wonderful details and flow!


Rene Fijten said...

Beautiful work! I am sure Thalia will be very pleased.

thaliaeche said...

I just got my moly! It's AMAZING! Thank u so much guys!

albina said...

Thank You, everyone! I hope we will get to share in another exchange sometime! Let me know if any of you are starting in the new group -- e-mail me if and when you do!