Monday, November 1, 2010

my addition to "I Went for a Walk"

Since I've moved to Vancouver, BC almost a decade ago I've always been impressed by how the city sits as though nestled in the lap of so many beautiful peaks, bluff, mountains, and ski runs. Especially when you can simply turn around and see the expanse of the Pacific lapping against the shoreline. So beautiful!

Sorry to have taken so long with this book, life happens and it's way overdue for the post office! Thanks for your patience, and for letting me add to this wonderful volume!



Scoach said...

Thanks for the beautiful addition E. I love it, and it is good to learn patience. This afternoon, we have our first swap of the college soccer team / 4 art student exchange. The will love seeing this book.

Rene Fijten said...

I tried to comment earlier, didn't work, so if it's double who cares. Lovely drawing!

emon xie said...

Thanks all! And it's in the mail! :)

albina said...

wow, one more is finished... Great fun walk, Ian -- well done!!!