Wednesday, January 14, 2009

René: the travelling moleskine

Well, here is my entry for the Moly_x_58, travelling moleskine, obviously because that's what it is.
I still feel enthralled by the idea that this small book is ready for a trip around the world.
It would be nice if you would put in something which you consider to be local. Not like the tourist stuff, but a scene or theme or person you think is telling. Like your street. Your breakfast table. Your idea of christmas. Your local store. Your favorite box of cereals. Your fascination about "fine art" a.k.a. tree women. Whatever.

Here I show the (small) town I live in, Hoensbroek. We have a fine medieval castle on one side of the town. On the other side we have castle of Amstenrade, 18th century. In between the road I live in: the "Patersweg".
BTW: I forgot to leave space for a sign off space, feel free to put your name somewhere with your entry.
I will be sending this off soon to Anastasiya, looking forward to your books!


Sudjino said...

Beautiful entry Réne)
And the good idea to leave in the moly-book of a part of our world))))

Scoach said...

Brilliant drawing. I'll do my best to put something local and special into your notebook.

Ellen said...

(claps wildly) i love this! seriously, those buildings look so cool. a very nice start to your book rene'

albina said...

Your drawing is so wonderful! I am just grinning as I am looking at the guy on a bicycle with his moly -- nice touch.

emon xie said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful piece! I love the foreshortening, if that's the right word to describe the brilliant way the world has been composed. Way to set the bar and tone for your Moly!

Rene Fijten said...

Thank you all for your kind remarks.
Who's next to fish his first few pages?

Rene Fijten said...

Of course I meant finish not fish.... ;)
I should read my comments before sending them off.

emon xie said...

I think "fish" should be the new colloquial slang expression for "finishing" a piece of a larger whole, like a flock of flounder or tank of trout!

Hee hee hee.