Friday, April 10, 2009


I just
wish to learn, what with our books?
Now I don't have a book.
Please, leave the information on it in comments.

Thalia!!!At you everything is all right?
Contact us!!


Thalia said...

Hey guys I'm still here! I'm really sorry for not updating anything recently, I had some really BIG problems, but everything is work out know. I'm really sorry. I have finished my entry on Albina's moly and I'm just waiting to know if Rene received mine so i can send the next one. I got Scott's last week... I'm really sorry with everything guys, please be patient Rene, i don't know why is taking so long to get there... it should be arriving really soon it's been a couple of weeks now... i will update my picture entry on Albina's moly today... I'm really sorry and i want to apologize if i cause anybody any inconvenience, it's been a couple of hard weeks but I'm back! =)

emon xie said...

Thanks for the update, Thalia! And I've just returned home from Stockholm, so I'll the one I have in hand done this weekend and onwards into the mail.

Rene Fijten said...

No, I still have not received anything in the three and half months that we are doing this.

Ellen said...

I've got Rene's moly!

albina said...

I have Ian's moly -- and I got it going, there is an image and color, I just need to finish all the details.I am out of town right now, but I will be back just in time for weekend and in time to finish it :)