Monday, March 23, 2009

Anastasiya's Moly gains a Cosmic Dog

So here we go! Using the quote which Anastasiya put in her moly, I decided to send my dog into outer space....or at least his likeness. I believe that my dog flying into outer space with a brilliant cape would be suprising :-P heehee. I had to work her pink dots into my composition as they were too pretty to leave alone! I meant to paint the dog white, but forgot and the moly is on its way to Ian already. Oh well :-)


Rene Fijten said...

A lovely contribution to ths moly! Dogs in space.

Ellen said...

thank you rene :-) you can just tell when you observe dogs, that they are dreaming & scheming of things to do!

Sudjino said...

It is great Ellen!!!
Fantastic continuation!

emon xie said...

And I've just received this one in the mail, really looks amazing in person!