Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Curious

I am very curious how everything is proceeding with the books. Maybe a time for an update?
I send out my book 2 months ago to Anastasiya, and have not recieved one yet (like Thalia explained, something went wrong with sending it by post).
How are you all doing?


albina said...

I now have Ian's moly -- I was away for two weeks and asked Scoach to hang on to it for me... now it is here. I am hoping to get it in the mail to Thalia in the last week of March.

Thalia -- are you getting those books? Let me know!

Scoach said...

I have worked on 2 and sent them on their journey. I currently do not have one to work on. We need to do at least one book per month, or we will end up like the groups that lose interest and people either drop out or stop sending on their Moleskines.