Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rene's Moly - on and on around the world

sooooooooooooooooooo. Inspiration came hard for me on this one. Something local, something I love.....I was stumped. I mean, ideas did pop into my head but nothing stuck, nothing made me want to jump into the book and go for it. Time passed. Passed some more.

Then I went back home to southern Oregon to attend my sister's wedding. No, I am not from North Dakota :-) Nearly everyday I visited Harris Beach. Its an easy place to go. Beautiful. Spent loads of time there during my childhood. Body surfing under my Grandma Hoagland's watchful eyes. I surfed there with my friends as a teenager. I played in the surf at the ripe old age of 39 this summer. I even worked for the State Park Station there one summer. I haven't a clue how much time I've spent there...and I return there EVERY time I go home. I know that Rene wanted us to avoid "touristy" places but this is not a touristy place for me. It is a sanctuary for me. Its a place to laugh, a place to play, a place to be quiet, a place to me.

If any of you find yourselves cruising down Highway 101 in southern Oregon, stop by Harris Beach. You will NOT be disappointed.

Now, onto Ian!


Scoach said...

What a great image. It does look like a sanctuary. Of course, I would bring my binoculars to look for birds and a fishing pole.

Rene Fijten said...

Well, it was worth waiting. I had no idea where Harris Beach was (I wasn't even sure where Oregon was), so I looked it up: must be a beautiful beach&rocks. Is that Goat island?
If I ever get the opportunity to go to that side of the states, I will certainly pay the place a visit.
This is exactly the drawing I was looking for, places or things that show something local, and mean something personal. Thanks for the contribution.

emon xie said...

Wonderful work, can't wait to see it in person. And pretty much anywhere on 101 down the coast of Oregon is inspiring, really beautiful and scattered with loads of cool little towns and pit stops, from the transition to WA all the way down to Bandon just before crossing over the high road to California to discover the Red Woods. Just lovely!


Ellen said...

thanks guys :-) yes, that is goat island! i was never adventurous enough to swim out to it or float out or boat out.

i've always said that one of the most beautiful drives is from san francisco up highway 101 into southern oregon. then again, i wondered if i am not just biased :-)

thanks again for your lovely comments!

albina said...

OMG! I drove that road along the coast -- but it was before I had a digital camera... now I will have to go and look if I actually was there, Ellen! Beautiful work and a very inspiring writing -- I feel as if I shared that part of your childhood with you, thank you!

Agencia Koala said...

OMG it looks great! It reminds me of the cost of Lima!


emon xie said...

The wonderful Moly arrived in the mail today, and it is splendid to behold!

Now it's my turn to worldly! :)