Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raven and the fox

Here is Ian's book: creatures of imagination. I took the story of the the raven and the fox. But I gave it a 21st century twist. Never try to flatter too much.
Ian, a tip for you: I made this drawing with Derwent Inktense pencils. They are like aquarel pencils, but when brushed with water it becomes ink with a nice intense colour. It is waterproof after drying, and the drawn lines stay visible. It worked really well for me. Unfortunately they are not available everywhere, I found them in an art supplies shop in London.


albina said...

wow, wow, wow!!!!! I want this drawing ;) and the ink pencils, too!

Beautiful work, Rene, and a great drawing media tip.

emon xie said...

Rene, this is a stunning piece, and now also my desktop wallpaper for inspiration.

I'll for sure track down those pencils online to try them out, looks very much like just the solution I was looking for. Sounds like you drew on dry paper first, then moistened, correct?

Love this one, great work!

emon xie said...

And I've just "buy it now" ordered a basic set of 12 from an EBay vender in the states. I look forward to trying them out, as I really like the water color pencil approach, but have also wanted something with more punch, as the WC pencils can be very muted, esp. competing against the tone of the Moly paper.

Thanks for the tip, Rene!

Ellen said...

this is so bad ass! that is "bad ass" in the super cool way rene!!! i don't want you to misinterpret that :-)

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Skizo.