Thursday, December 3, 2009

Magic wood

Hello!I'm still alive)
little bit in Scoach's moly
hey Scott...what to do with the book?Send to Ellen?Or send to you?


Rene Fijten said...

Beautiful, you have a very nice, precise touch to your drawings!

emon xie said...

Beautiful! Sort of how I pictured the living island tree thing at the end of Life of Pi. Noice!

Scoach said...

This is terrific. Could you send the book to Emon Xie since Ellen seems to not be participating with us anymore. That would be great. If you would rather just send it back to me, that is also good, and I will send it to Emon when it comes back. I e-mailed you my mailing address on Flickr. Thanks. Scott

Ellen said...

who says i am not participating? geez.

Scoach said...

Wow, it's great to see you on the site. My apology Ellen. I would love to have an entry from you in my book. Anastasia, please send my book to Ellen.

I will try not to say anything crazy in the future.


Sudjino said...

Then I will send your moly to Ellen.
And Ian's moly too)

Ellen said...

well, now that we have that settled :-P

sorry for my sluggish production. i'll have thalia's moly to ian shortly.

i agree with ian about the woods looking like something from the book "the life of pi" awesome!

albina said... is lovely!!!!