Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thalia's Dream moly - Ellen's entry

Thalia's DREAMS moly is on the move again! I should have this on its way to EmonXie on monday.

Dreams are funny aren't they? They take us to the most absurd places, they play with reality, they wake us up and sometimes make us wish that we'd just stay asleep dreaming lovely dreams. I've twice awoken laughing out loud from silly dreams that were just so comical. THAT is an awesome way to wake up, I wish it happened more often.

Lately, my dreams have been confusing. Not necessarily bad but just strange and unsettling. So, I've put a confusing dream into Thalia's moly.


Ellen said...

also, used my dreamy Inktense pencils, as you all have been talking about them in the blog :-) i splurged and upgrade my set to 72! this time i used a pocket sized Koi Waterbrush to wet the pencil and move the color around. It worked so well and i just gave the barrel a little squeeze to leech out more water when i wanted to change colors and clean the brush. 2 very nice products :-)

emon xie said...

Congrats on upgrading to the 72 set and great tip about the technique, thank you for sharing that!

Love this entry, so dynamic and full of life! :)


Scoach said...

Love those crazy dreams.

My wife bought me the 24 pack of inktense pencils and I just used them for the first time yesterday - they rock.

Rene Fijten said...

The koi waterbrush is my most used tool, perfect for outside sketching, always water at hand, and works nice with the inktense. 72 colours, wow!
I like your drawing.
Recently I woke up dreaming my alarm went off; I had already showered before I realised I got up 2 hours too early!