Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have had contact with Thalia, and she asked me tell you that for very personal reasons she can't continue with this group. I already contacted Albina about it.
Thalia will send the 2 books in her posession to me;  I will continue of course.
I have one request: I would appreciate if we all cooperate to finish Thalia's moly as planned. I can assure you it will mean a lot to her and help her through some difficult times.


Ellen said...

i've no problem with that at all. sorry to hear she is having troubles :-( thanks for letting us know rene.

Scoach said...

Thanks Rene. I'm glad to help her finish her Moly.

emon xie said...

No problem for me either, part of the fun of this is knowing that each unique book will someday arrive completed to live in a loving and appreciative home. Like an adopted puppy, except not as furry or likely to wee on the carpet.